02 - Editation
Worm was a song about ending a relationship with a young girl from the perspective of a young boy. "What really got me going about this track was the bassline. It just sounded so heavy." The version heard on "Editation " was another rendition of an original song that Dustin had previously unreleased, with the exception of almost being included on a disc called "Gray Interior ". The original version was composed of programmed rock drums and live bass performance. The rock drums had a very distinct sound with the triangle on every 3rd beat of each measure and a beating tom drum.
Danelectro pepperoni phaser
"The effect heard on the bass of the original track is a Danelectro Pepperoni phaser, and from the sounds of it, the single knob on the pedal is at 50%."  The lyrics vary slightly from the original, as they were in the future "Worm Digga " remix on "Noitatide ".