05 - Rugged

"Why Does this Happen?" is the 13th song of Dustin Beyette's 5th "completed" instrumental disc, "Rugged ". It starts with a chopped up detuned falsetto recording of Dustin singing "oooooh" and continues into dark sounding grim synthesized electric guitar chugging. "I used a lot of minor 2nds and minor 3rds when trying to convey negative emotions. It gives songs a nice creepy edge when that edge is needed for effect.

The song's title asks a question, because I was thinking about something very personal, my friendships and relationships. Something would always happen, and you can blame the always changing life for that, but also more specifically I was having a repetitive problem growing up where people didn't understand me, and I didn't understand others, and this happened so constantly that I got upset often, and others would get upset too, and y'know... either way at the end of the day I don't know how they felt, but how I felt is expressed in the precise sound and mood of this song."

The higher register "distorted electric guitar" sound that is heard on this song (for the first time at 0:44) is actually a soundfont of a harp , fed through a distortion/overdrive effects chain, a specific sound heard on other parts of the album, and other Dustin Beyette songs in general.