02 - Editation

The 7th song on "Editation", like many of Dustin Beyette's songs on track 7, "When the Toleration Ends" was a heavy and dark track. This song was an exploration of new heavy sounds downloaded from the link is to a screenshot of what it looked like, Oneshotsamples is unfortunately no more... see note below), a site that allowed Beyette to search for sounds based on instrument and preview and download samples, 10 at a time. "For certain, the drum sounds were from Oneshotsamples, the bass sounds were from oneshotsamples, the guitar was from oneshotsamples, and I believe the sound effects were from oneshotsamples as well, that I'm not sure. This song sounded so heavy, and I pictured someone getting very angry and named the track appropriately. Physical modeling wasn't what it is today, and in 2003 it was very hard with software to get a guitar patch that actually sounded like a real or desireable guitar. What was nice about oneshotsamples is people would sample their own guitar, simple muted chugs and sustained power chords, and even loops of guitars, but the site specialized in "One Shot" Samples. It was in abundance of one shot samples that would be loaded into samplers and drum machines, so any specific sounds I needed, I needed only to look through the categories and I would find them. Finally I could acheive that sound without owning a guitar yet."