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Almost all of the "Tooth" cds, missing is "Cavity".

Tooth was Dustin Beyette's music project that catalogged his initial transition from future film director to future music producer. There were seven albums created of mostly instrumental songs. The first two discs assembled under the "Tooth" name were made using the
Yamaha DJX

The primary keyboard used for the creation of "Tooth" songs, the Yamaha DJX

Yamaha DJX keyboard and using very amatuer connection techniques as well as a very limited curiousity in music theory. The cover of the first record, "Frenzy" is also the story of the name. Before Dustin got into music he had long dreamed of being a film director when he was older. One of the features of one of his VHS-C video cameras was that it had a new technology for Beyette to play with, digital photography that could be stored on a

Not the exact VHS-C camcorder (this one is a S-VHS-C camcorder) but quite similar in appearance to the mentioned model that had a MMC card slot.

MultiMediaCard (MMC , an earlier form of SD ) and edited on the computer using paint programs long before "Photoshop" was a household name and eventually a cultural verb in the United States. To get good at editing photos Dustin would come up with special effect ideas and trials with his friends and take pictures and also just spend endless hours just editing photos for the fun of it. One night he was randomly taking pictures of his teeth. And he darkened the photo and discolored it and he thought it would be a cool album cover. So he came up with a band name and a name of an album. This was before Dustin owned any Yamaha keyboards, guitars or otherwise got taken over by his music obsession. So when he bought a keyboard to start messing around with music for his videos, he decided as practice he'd make some cds, and took the easy way out, using the aformentioned random cover for his first practice disc.
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A photo of Mike Mulen's copy. (2013)

The first 6 albums had a mix of carefully crafted musical tracks and a lot of unplanned chaos, with unfortunately more of the latter. It wasn't until the 7th disc, "In the Middle of the Road" that there was a sea change in Dustin's outlook on music. Theory began to take hold and a passion for writing well thought out instrumental music was started.
01 - E Tahe V Oletah
Dustin then decided to instead use his full name, Dustin Beyette , to compose albums with. And the first record without the Tooth name was "E Tahe V Oletah ", which contained a very few elements of the much darker "Gray Interior" album that was shelved.  Songs like "Weather " from "Editation " were originally with lyrics and called "Black" on "Gray Interior".  Dustin always struggled with the name Tooth because it didn't actually have any meaning or any personal connection, but in a sense the cds somewhat document a gradient from silly to serious, from high school to real world, from gums to teeth.

Albums created as "Tooth":

  • Frenzy
  • Remixes from the Heart
  • Mighty Machine (wasn't promoted)
  • Cavity
  • Clouds
  • Fresh Balogna
  • In The Middle of The Road (Sold every copy made. Thanks to my friends at P.A.T.H.S. And CopyMax!)
  • Gray Interior []