The Classical guitar owned by Beyette

This particular acoustic guitar was one of many acquisitions brought to Beyette in the early coffee-drinker hours of his shifts at 7-Eleven. He would always hear of finds that his friend Bob found at yard sales, he would go every week and talk about things that he found, and often he would boast about very cheap instruments that he passed up. This inticed Dustin so much that the two worked out a deal that as long as Dustin had it in his pocket, if Bob came in with any instrument that he found, be it keyboard, guitar or otherwise, and it was under $50, Dustin would purchase it. Along with the guitar, Bob and Dustin's arrangement brought Bob money for each of his finds, and Dustin:
  1. this exact classical guitar, The Santa Rose KCL119
  2. a Casio portable keyboard
  1. a guitar stand
  1. two music stands
  1. and finally a violin
Not knowing of this previous engagement, another somewhat regular of the store, local guitar professional Ken Grimsley came in the store during the sale and appraised the guitar during his visit saying that "it might be okay for a student guitar, [but I wouldn't use it to record anything]". This guitar has not yet been used yet in a published Beyette track, but it did make it into a bumpin'? G Dubbs produced track, Dray Senior's "Be Cautious" . "He made it work!" As of March 2012, G Dubbs is the official owner of this guitar.
Santa Rosa

The label inside the guitar. Photo © Qasim Abdulkadir

On November 21st of the same year, the guitar was finally identified on this wiki thanks to a photograph sent from Dubbs and The Qasim Playlist .