The Rode NT1-A (view from below) mounted with a pop filter

The Rode NT1-A large diaphram condenser microphone has been an apex of Beyette's vocal recordings since he received it. It was given to him in exchange for studio time by a 7-Eleven regular that went by the stage name of "T". Many attempts have been made to get songs and projects recorded, but Beyette

From the original tests of the NT1-A in the studio.

is still technically in debt to "T". The microphone came with a shock mount and has been used on 99% of all the final vocal takes that are featured on both "Change " and "Million-Faced Man", with the mere exception of mics used for the purpose of recording natural room reverb. The mic as also been the primary mic used for recording acoustic instruments (such as the acoustic guitar heard on "Million-Faced Man (Acoustic Mix)") and all of the vocal and acoustic recordings from Impossible Studios sessions. The NT1-A was also used to record stock samples of sound effects, such as the many interesting sounds of the 7-Eleven, one of which that eventually was used in the instrumental, "Decide ".