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Mr. Beyette and Mr. Abdulkadir met in their P.A.T.H.S. high school years and reconnected in their adulthood through crossed paths in the old port . From that point on he became an increasing presence in Beyette's life and a frequent supporter of his music. The playlist below represents his favorite songs of Beyette's. "All I Need" is often called "Oh oh oh!" when Qasim asks that it's played.  "Dustin, play Oh oh oh!"  Not only did Qasim keep a constent honest interest in Beyette's music but he also aided in support and promotion of Impossible Studios.  "my temporary "existence" would be so much more cowardly and empty if you had never rekindled an early acquiantence into a solid life-pillar rock of a friend.  Qasim, thank you for your life!"