Pop - Copy

Robert Allen, Dustin's grandfather and (in every way you could look at it) father.

"Every Rocky needs a Mickey . Thank you for teasing me and pushing me and making me greater and stronger. I Love You. I told you many times in the living years, and now you know many times in the current years. I love you. I'm not in Sanford anymore but I still miss you. May you rest in the most awesomest peace forever and ever." For Pop~

It might be a surprise to some that despite the age gap, Dustin's grandfather was supportive of Dustin's music.  Personal tastes aside Robert Allen told Dustin that whatever he did in life it didn't matter, all that mattered is that he strove to be the best at it.  After watching "The Glenn Miller Story " Dustin has come to understand that his own strict attention to detail is shared with one of Bob's musical favorites.  
Yamaha DJX

The Yamaha DJX

While he was with us he purchased the exact keyboard that started this whole career going and also upon Dustin's return to Portland , listened to the original version of Textures - Disc 1 - Soft in it's entirety with minimal criticism.  Photos of Beyette 's first show were proudly on display in his house.