The Oxygen 61 in the Portland, Maine location for Impossible Studios.

The M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI Controller was acquired in a nice agreement that helped both Dustin and his friend Mike attain more suitable keyboards for each other. Dustin owned an
Axiom 25

The Axiom 25 that caught more dust than finger action.

M-Audio Axiom 25 and it was of limited use to the dual handed piano melodies that appear in many Dustin Beyette songs, and Mike needed a professional, solid and small desktop controller for use in Pro Tools. Mike would buy the Axiom 25 from Dustin and Dustin purchased the Oxygen 61 using the same money that Mike bought the Axiom 25 for. Both keyboards are currently being used by both men.

The sticker to the left of the 8 assignable knobs on the Oxygen is a sticker from the 7-Eleven he worked at. When Dustin would have a morose night, he would purchase a package of Garbage Pail Kids "Funny Packages" cards, "just next to the Goudy Baseball cards that Jonny "Chest-Hairs" Didonato was fond of." When Dustin would flip through the cards he would begin either laughing at the very far-fetched humor or the really bad attempts and forget about the bad night and get back to work. The sticker on the keyboard says "PlaySkull". The Oxygen 61 was being held by a close friend in Boston from 2010 till it was shipped to Dustin in Los Angeles on June 19, 2012. It is currently being used to practice and perform draft parts of what will eventually be recorded on grand piano for a film project Beyette is scoring that is due to premiere in September 2012.