05 - Rugged

"The Man in the Dungeon" is track eleven on Dustin Beyette's instrumental album, "Rugged ". "I believe I sang some sort of lyrics to this song at a loud waterfall

Waterfall in sanford

A Google Maps street view of the waterfall in "the wretched place that is" Sanford, Maine where Beyette had, late at night, retreated to often and screamed and sang songs from the "May Tenth" project, while listening to them in his headphones. The "May Tenth" project was mostly written just before "Textures".

in Springvale Maine in the middle of the night while brainstorming but also in practice for a recording. All that remain in the eventual recording are the "yeahs", but this song sounds as if it's being set up for lyrics but kept instrumental due to me never really being able to dig my own singing/screaming voice. Through conditioning I had come to understand on a subconsious level that track's eleven and seven were typically harder hitting than the rest of the songs on the albums i listened to and wanted to continue this in my own works. In the cases of "The Man in the Dungeon" and "The Power of the Elbow", the two are no exceptions."