The Japanese "F Hole" Acoustic Guitar. Black fretboard, black body with sunburst.

This black student-size acoustic guitar with the sunburst and the "F holes" was acquired at a sale at a church in Springvale, Maine. This exact guitar, along with a Yamaha PSR-150 keyboard that was given to him by his friend Fox, were the two most heavily used real life instruments during the "Textures " writings.  While neither of these instruments were ever recorded for the songs on the album, they were used during the compositions to come up with the melodies featured in most of the songs.

The only identifying word on the outside of the guitar itself is the word "JAPAN" on the back of the headstock and the guitar is sometimes referred to by Beyette as the "Japanese guitar" because of this. The tone of the guitar was remembered as a bit bassier than the tone of typical acoustics that have the circle shaped sound hole.  The Japanese guitar originally had all 6 strings but eventually the neck became bowed from misuse, so it remains without strings until further notice.

Since the guitar has been out of repair for so long, the guitar has not migrated to LA with Dustin and is most likely in the possession of his best friend Bartlett, who was given strick orders to either keep it in the condition it is, or to smash it violently for the sake of cool looking video footage.