Ibanez Gio - Day of Purchase

The Ibanez Gio - Day of purchase

The Ibanez Gio GAX70 6 string electric guitar was purchased by Beyette in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights at a pawn shop on the corner of Cesar E Chavez Ave and Soto St. It was bought for the use of recording live guitar for the soundtrack of a grunge style film score that's based in the 90s.

The guitar was aquired on July 28, 2012.

"I saw the guitar hanging off the ceiling, and the price wasn't bad, neither was the condition, and I've never owned an SG style guitar, so I tried it in store with my amplug and headphones and brought it home to polish the body and play it." The guitar is heard on some of the tracks on Beyette 's upcoming "Growth " along with the Samick KR660 and the Peavey Patriot . It's a 6 string solid body double cutaway guitar with 4 knobs a pickup switch and two passive humbuckers.