Look closer

Hidden in the coins on the cover of Beyette's "Change" is a photograph of Franklin and his wife Emmy fishing in Maine.

"Franklin, you "manic bastard". :-) I've been looking up to you longer than you may know. I'm sorry about all the Sanford stuff, don't blame it on my heart, J-man, blame it on my youth. You are such a gentle soul. Thank you for everything you've ever done. The red guy might have actually been inside me. If he was he seems very scared of me now. :-) You've inspired a lot of the processes and methods that are deep in my creative workflow. You've helped me think intuitively in ways and situations that I would otherwise have no preparation for. I love you, thanks for all the work too!"

  • Textures - Hard - Just How Evil?
  • Rugged - P.O.S. (You Know What Dustin?)
  • Summer Heat (unreleased)