Fever Acoustic from craigslist ad

The Fever C055

A survivor of abandonment and an uninitiated craigslist post, the Fever brand, C055 model, student-sized classical acoustic guitar came into Dustin's possession on the corner of
5th and spring

5th/Spring St. © Google "Street View" Red circle shows location of abandoned guitar.

5th/spring street in Downtown Los Angeles.  In the fall of 2013, after visiting some record stores to look for jobs, Dustin was also going to go inquire about employment at "The Last Bookstore" which sells mostly books but has a very large vinyl section.  [They were closed for filming.]  So right before he was about to cross the street after seeing they were closed he saw a rectangular box on the ground that was bigger on one end.  With his toe he lifted the top off to find a classical guitar with the tag still on it inside.  Due to the innocent homeless population downtown, Dustin and his girlfriend stuck around the box to wait to see if someone mindlessly left their guitar box there.  After several minutes they remembered a bunch of cops talking to each other outside of Pershing Square's Red Line station.  Dustin grabbed the box and brought it to the police asking what they should do.  The cop told them that it'd been a very quiet day and that there were no complaints about a stolen guitar.  After offering to surrender it to the police they said "if we take it there's a big chance it'll be stored for a month and then thrown away.  If you want it you should take it."  The acoustic wasn't used in a studio track until June 3rd, 2014, but it has stayed in tune pretty decently for a guitar of it's assumed quality.