The Casio CZ-3000

The Casio CZ-3000 was acquired at Mike Fink's
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Beyette with fresh CZ-3000 out front of Guitar Grave.

Guitar Grave during Dustin's more involved interest in synthesizers (it's on another level now). It was put on layaway and can be seen in a facebook photo by a very proud owner on the day it was finally paid off. "It was a steal at $60. Nothing wrong with it with the exception that the highest E key had to be pressed really hard. It's a digital synthesizer that is meant to be an emulation of how you would design patches on an analog synthesizer, and has been used to make beats, notably an unreleased reconstructed version of "Out There (Hip-Hop Mix) " that involved the vocal performance of G Dubbs ." Beyette was going to record vocals on the new track as well, but after hearing the words of the song and how they were delivered, was unable to come up with anything that would come close to G Dubbs' vocal performance.