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"The Bad Things" is the 3rd song on "Change"

"The Bad Things" is the 3rd track from Beyette 's 1st non-instrumental record, "Change ". Following an excerpt of a laundry machine during it's cycle that was kept from one of the scratch vocals , the song features piano, electric guitar, synthesizer and electric bass. "This song, while instrumentally prepared much like the rest on this record, was somewhat recorded differently with the vocals because I wasn't sure what to do with the vocal track.

The structure of the song is completely in how it sounds, there's no chorus, no verse, just a linear song beginning to end. The ways the vocals were recorded were pretty much on-the-fly. I liked it, and kept it and it's what you hear. If I were to go back into my records I doubt that there was any alternate takes recorded. This is how a lot of the stuff was recorded. A lot of the instruments on "Change " were recorded mostly on their first takes. As much as I hear these songs and cringe a little these days, I do know that there was a reason for this particular method in that I'm from a computer music background.

Before getting into live recording as a preference, the goal that I would read about often when programming drums was to program realistic drum parts with drum machines. Little subtleties like thinking how a drummer has two hands, and that on a foor to the floor 1-bar pattern with 16 16ths of closed hi-hats and a snare on 2 and 4, a drummer would probably not hit the closed hi-hat on 2 and 4. New computer-based producers can get a lot of hints on thinking like musicians from skimming instrument how-to books. There were different aspects of drum programming that were learned on "Editation " when I worked with Eddie that have carried with me over the years, while recording he would talk a lot about drumming styles and his limitations and differences of programmed drums and acoustic drums, but the focus of what I'm getting at is a lot of this "first-take = final take" stuff was an attempt to make the record sound more live and less programmed because in a DAW environment, when programming drums you can use the electronic sound as is or "humanise " and "randomise " stuff for the purpose of making drum patterns sound more performed even though it was programmed. I have still not taken this route in a general sense, all of my drum programming is recorded via midi, programmed using a mix of free time and snap time, or using emulators of drum machines that limit velocity and flam settings to buttons and set values. All of the drums on "Change " are electronically programmed using VST software and manual piano-roll programming, and with minor exceptions are meant to sound realistic and in-your-face."


the bad things keep messing with my mind
it makes it so hard to stay kind 
i'm giving up on karma, i'm giving up on karma 
because if everything happens for a reason 
if everything happens for a reason 
and with all these bad things i must be doing something wrong

and it doesn't help that i strive to take 
responsibility when others do not

it's at a pace that i cannot trace, no 
i can't keep up it keeps falling down 
i can't give up, i gotta keep my chin up 
i gotta find a new way that wont give me away so fast

don't pay me with smiles, after all these miles 
i've driven so far, i need a new car

all the lying makes me feel like crying 
but i can't become a martyr, i gotta be smarter, 
i gotta find what i'm doing wrong 
you say it's nothing 
that there's nothing to worry about 
as things fall down around me 
when i wont worry, i fall behind 
i let my guard down 
i let my guard down 
i let my guard down

i expect nothing from you 
i expect nothing from you 
i expect nothing from you 
i expect nothing from you ( you no longer have any expectation) 
i expect nothing from you ( you no longer have any expectation) 
i expect nothing from you ( you no longer have any expectation) 
i expect nothing from you ( you no longer have any expectation)

Beyette - The Bad Things

Beyette - The Bad Things

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