Noitatide 256x192

"That Damn Splinter in my Bum" is an instrumental track featured on track 7 of "Noitatide ". "This song is completely crazy. I'm sure you can tell just by the name of the track that something is a bit off about it. The opening horns just gave this song a Cypress Hill vibe and I just took it from there, in a completely chaotic direction. There is not a key signature in this song other than chromatic. The accompanyment is probably written in a key, but the verse melodies that are played are definitely freeform chromatic for effect. This song just sounds fun and big, this is the Cypress Hill vibe I'm talking about. Innocent chaos. I'm sorry for the last verse movement before the outro, I should not have combined both chromatic melodies over eachother. Haha, your ears have my apologies. The high-pitched guitar featured on the "verse" parts is actually distorted harp samples. This is something I did on a lot of tracks on "Noitatide", "Rugged " and "Textures ". Distorted harp actually sounds a bit different than distorted guitar and I'm not sure how it would apply in a live situation, but in the electronic world of samples and soundfonts, you can combine any instrument with any effect and the distorted harp, in my opinion, just lends itself to certain songs better than distorted guitar."