05 - Rugged

"Spark" is the 1st song on Dustin Beyette's 5th "completed" instrumental disc, "Rugged ". It is meant as an introduction to the album. Long after "May Tenth" the song was written, "Spark" was merely written quickly to serve as an introduction to the now split up "May Tenth" project, as well as simultaneously being the intro track for "May Tenth" the song. "May Tenth the album was originally written as a mostly instrumental project but eventually the project was split up into two seperate albums based on their general sounds. The more electronic sounds of the album were delicately thrown into a mix and became their own album called "Digitally Delicious " and the hard songs that were in persuit of constructing and composing a more rugged alternative rock sound were the rest of this album, "Rugged ". So, in a way you could think of "Rugged " and "Digitally Delicious " being the same album, but prepared in a way that a listener might better understand and enjoy. Also, the May Tenth Project was getting to be too big, and the act of splitting the records into two seperate records allowed the songs to actually fit on a 1990's medium called a "Compact Disc"". (CD's had a limitation that albums could only be 80 minutes or less in length.) "To the casual listener they might not even realize that the two albums are connected other than by identifying their shared logo."