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"She Smoked Virginia Slims", or a song also known as "Soda Pop" is a song on an unreleased disc by Dustin Beyette called "Cigarettes ". Virginia Slims was a brand of cigarette that Dustin's mother smoked while they went on road trips together in his youth and this is a song that is attempted to capture the feeling and vibe of the open road with the FM synthesizers that were heard in a lot of the 80s music that was playing on the radio in the car during the trips. The prominent bassline that is featured when the drums kick in is performed by a

Weird bass 3xOsc

"Weird Bass" patch as seen inside FL Studio's 3xOsc synth plugin.

patch inside FL Studio called "Weird Bass" on the native 3xOsc synthesizer. The same "Weird bass" that is featured in the "upbeat" version of "Red " heard on "Editation ". "My friend Fox really dug this song but much like I've grown to agree, the end is terrible. I just didn't know where to go with it. Everyone that heard the song really dug it, but it would've made a fine two minute song, such a sweet first two minutes."