02 - Editation

Written on a very small Radioshack keyboard before it was returned, "Robot Love" was one of many songs that were seemingly just given to Beyette via some strange inspiration. "These songs come to me like angels. I don't remember any other details than the keyboard really, but I do remember that I don't know what happened, I pressed the first note and the rest just came with it. Maybe this is something that comes with years of practice, I really don't know. I wasn't even that good yet. I'm still not and now and then it's like I'm picked by a song to go on another ride. It never feels like these songs belong to me, it feels like they take me for a ride with them."

For Beyette, "Robot Love" was one of these songs. For someone listening to "Editation " from beginning to end, "Robot Love" would be the first track that would demonstrate the drum performance of Dustin's new friend and musical collaborator, drummer Eddie Hernandez .


Not the exact VHS-C camcorder (this one is a S-VHS-C camcorder) but quite similar to the model that had a MMC card slot.

Eddie's drums were recorded by a stereophonic camcorder. "It's the best I had to capture him at the time, otherwise I would be using a computer microphone hooked up only to a consumer level sound card". When Dustin had started collaborating with Eddie, Eddie's mother became very ill and Eddie had left Maine to visit her before she passed away. "Robot Love" was the last song she ever heard and according to Eddie she liked it a lot.