02 - Editation

"Red" is a song Beyette has composed many many times in different ways. It originated from the MTV Music Generator days and originally had lyrics written. There are also multiple remixes of "Red" using different names that are different colors similar to Red in the color spectrum. "I wrote this song in high school and other than the sonic tone and production differences of the versions, they've all retained the same basic phrase structure." The most recent rendition of the "Red" theme showed up on an unreleased track from "Change " called "Red Thing" where a guest singer wrote and sang lyrics to a very advanced rock version of the track that split the chorus into two guitarists playing alternating staccato 16ths of the notes originally heard sustained. The melody that plays after the chorus was meant to evoke the sound of the bass crying, or more precisely, Beyette crying. The version that is heard on "Editation " was meant to sound upbeat, an effort to make better music that sounded happy. Red was not originally a happy song, but mostly a song about longing, yearning, desire and loneliness, but nonetheless, his friend Fox really dug the happy version, and so didn't others.