Noitatide 256x192
"Out There (Soft Sex Mix)" is a remix of the "Out There", which is heard in a hip hop version complete with vocals on "Editation ". This "Soft Sex Mix" is heard on "Noitatide ". This is meant to sound passionate and wild (it get really wild at 2:07...)). A continuing exploration of tones inside FL Studio, the bass synth that comes in at 0:36 is actually just a simple custom 3 oscillator synthesizer patch with one oscillator set to "noise". "I started using synthesizer noise when creating tones inside synthesizers on "Growth", but I did use the noise oscillator on some tracks because I haven't really heard it in other people's music. Not in a way so blatantly identifiable. I did a remix of KoRn's "Falling Away With Me" with a friend from Section Z and the bass synth used for the mix was actually just this same noise oscillator by itself I think. It just generates the endless static sound like when you see white noise on a broken television set. For some reason this is relaxing to me. I had this little white plastic ball thing in my house growing up that I think my grandmother or my mother owned, and it had, like,
Nature sounds noise machine

A "sleeping machine" similar to the exact one Dustin speaks of.

6 or 7 nature sounds to pick from to sleep to, or just have in the background I suppose: running stream water, a rain storm, birds on a summer day, ocean waves coming to shore and this very same static that is heard on this oscillator. I was having a hard time sleeping one time when visiting family in Buxton for the holidays (I used to work 3rd shift, while everyone else was making food and preparing I took a nap for a few hours...) And one time I just made a 5 minute track of the static mixed with thunder sounds and listened to it in headphones to drown out the sounds of people talking that was keeping me awake in the other room. Pretty effective. At


2:07 in this track is when I used a sound that for some reason makes me think of gazelles running in one direction each time the sound is repeated, so the gazelles are jumping going left, right, left, right... wild, man.... pure... utter.... chaos, man... Most people have to take drugs to think like this I think... I don't expect a lot of these songs to make any sense to the greater public, but hey, maybe reading this wiki will help to understand how I've heard general music in my own ears, let alone my own that I've written and created.