02 - Editation

"Out there", structurally, has been a little two phrase electric piano/Rhodes ditty that Beyette has long kept with him and have implimented into various tracks, often titled in a way that they reference the name of the ditty. In most cases, the first phrase, a descending two handed riff using mostly black keys is used as the "verse", and the second phrase, that shares the same bass notes, and is meant to sound mysterious, is used as the "chorus". When writing instrumental tracks and for referring to his instrumental work, Beyette would still use the words "verse" and "chorus" to label parts of the song that would somewhat reflect what they would be if the track had vocals. The chorus being the central repeating theme of the instrumental track, and the verse being the second theme to introduce the chorus, or for the chorus to relieve into. On "Tooth"'s last record "In the Middle of the Road", "Out there" is featured as a song of it's own, featuring a drum beat with toms on alternating 8ths between the beats. On "Editation ", "Out There" is featured in a hip-hop format complete with words describing bad situations with women from the perspective of a man. "What was new about this track was not only the vocals, but also some chords that I believe I actually added to the song at a friend's house. Something really sticks out about hearing and/or working on this track in Hill's computer office." The two basic phrases of "Out there" are introduced, and then at 1:22 the addition of pad chords augmented the effect of the song, taking a tonal nod from the bassline, and at 1:51 two alternating chords were used to accentuate the mysterious effect of the chorus. The chorus had a completely new effect using the first phrase over the second phrase, an idea that was inspired by a remix of the track by Nick Morin/"Horse" of Muckphobia /"Psylocybin"/"Ivaloo", as well as the skank rhythm guitar chuck sample [that was probably from oneshot samples]. "I recently was listening to this track walking the streets of downtown Los Angeles from Boyle Heights passing through Skid Row and came up with an entire new way to deliver the verses. So you never know, this song might come back yet again."