The first three Beyette album titles were planned before Dustin Beyette released "Change " and they were as follows:

  • "Change " (completed and released)
  • "Growth " (in progress)
  • "Orphanage" (unproduced)
Change cover
"Change " was meant as a rock record effort, an experiment to not only sound like a rock record but to be realistically able to be performed by a 6 (or less) piece band. A departure from the studio efforts of the "Dustin Beyette" compositions that would require a band of 12 players or more.

Growth skyline teaser
"Growth " was originally going to be a remix companion album similar to what Noitatide was for Editation in the Dustin Beyette catalog, but "Growth" turned into another project through it's maturity. "Growth" still being completed right now. Beyette has been very secretive with it's sound and unfamiliar format.

The original intent of "Orphanage", when it's produced, that it is a mix of non-album songs that have been made over the years that have been in between Dustin Beyette albums, Tooth albums and even songs that were designed for Beyette albums but were not complete at the time of the album's deadline. The "orphan" songs. An added intention of the album that Dustin has long imagined is that when the album was released, a great deal of it's profits would be donated to charities for orphans all over the world. Dustin has a personal connection to the issue of orphans because his mother was in fact adopted and didn't find her natural family until she was in her adulthood and found that her natural mother had unfortunately already passed away.