For the first time available to the general public, "Noitatide" was released on Google Play Music, Bandcamp and Kunaki on Jan 21th, 2015.  It is the next remaster of Dustin Beyette's instrumental works after "Editation" and completes the 7 album 2014 remaster series of Dustin's first instrumental albums that were not previously released but have been completed for years.  While "Editation" and "Noitatide" were actually remastered in early 2015, both state that they are a 2014 remaster because they have been mastered with the same process. Audio Production started in early December 2014 and features a generally louder and clearer mix of all the tracks, as well as a slightly modified continuous presentation and repaired EQ on several tracks.  Like the other 2014 remasters, the track lengths on this release differ from the original songs because the intro of the songs are often at the end of the track before them since they are meant to play like a movie, an entire experience from the first track to the last track.  There are not many moments of silence.  The tracks have been mastered gapless and all original segues between songs are now seamless unless a gap otherwise seemed appropriate.

Noitatide 256x192

The cover image differs drastically from the original. Where the previous cover was a crop of a certain part of "Editation"s cover inverted and rotated 180 degrees to notice an accidental pareidolia of a smile that was in the middle of the cover image for "Editation" instead the concept has been repeated in a different way, where the colors of the cover of "Editation" have been inverted, but also missing the crop, the image remains the same dimensions but the altered colors give way to a different interpretation of the image, what looks like black smoke coming out of the ground on "Editation" growing into something bright and exploding benevolently on "Editation" instead looks like a yellow colored ground with a yellow fire that has a giant white firework being shot out of it. Cloud textures were also added to the blue that came from the inverted yellow, and ground textures from Downtown Los Angeles were applied to the bottom yellow color that came from the inverted blue. The "smile" pareidolia is still visible inside of the yellow fire, but instead is part of a bigger picture instead of the original crop.


TRACKLIST OF "NOITATIDE" for the 2014 Remaster
# Track Title Length Remix/Original
1 Welcome to the Noitatide 1:01


2 Robot Love (Jungle Fashion Mix) 2:06 Remix of "Robot Love "
3 Calm Winter Night 3:08 Remix of "Winter"
4 Soda Pop 2:38 Original
5 The Baby with One Eye 4:14 Original
6 Sloppy V2 1:05 A remix of "Sloppy", an unreleased track
7 That Damn Splinter 3:26 Original
8 (Extra) Sensitive (Head) 4:00 Remix of the 1st public version of an unreleased song called "Sensitive", but technically a remix of a remix
9 Out There (Soft Sex Mix) 1:53 Remix of "Out There" by Tooth
10 Dream 3:20 Original
11 Fight (The Wrong Man) 4:33 Remix of "Fight"
12 Elevator Music 2:17 Original
13 Thirteen 2:59 Original
14 Worm (Piano and String Mix) 2:07 Remix of "Worm "
15 Finesse in her Pants 3:30 Original
16 Robot Love (Soft) 1:36 Remix of "Robot Love "
17 Le Tah V4 3:35 Remix of "Le Tah" from "E Tahe V Oletah" (V2 and V3 have not yet been released)
18 The Fall of the Coward 2:17 Remix of "The Rise of the Hero"
19 Sloppy Seconds 5:07 A Second remix of "Sloppy", an unreleased track
20 Splinter in my Face 1:08 Remix of "That Damn Splinter "
21 Robot Love (Full Band Mix) 3:00 Remix of "Robot Love "
22 Highway 1:51 Original
23 neveS 1:34 Original
24 Death Dies 1:43 Original
25 Final Medley 3:14 Medley of "Red ", "Robot Love ", "Worm " and "Le Tah "