06 - Textures Hard

"Isolation Hibernation" is the 6th song from Dustin Beyette 's 7th instrumental album, "Textures - Disc 2 - Hard". At 9:23 (on the 2014 remaster ), it is the longest song on the double album, the second longest being "Symphonic Iris" on disc 1.


"If this song could be summed up in a sentance for what it means, what to feel, what specific emotion to share with the composer, this song simply is evoking what it is to fully appreciate how much you miss someone or a group of people. I wrote this for my friends back home in Portland when I lived in "the wretched place that is Sanford Maine ", as a demonstration of how much I missed them, and how much I hated the exile, the way things were left when I moved away and how the friendships were not mended yet even though I cared a lot about them."


One of many songs that is only currently available to be heard in its' electronic composition, the full effect of "Isolation Hybernation" might best be heard once it is performed by a full orchestra. "A lot of these songs on the first 7 albums that I've written are a sort of a lively version of a manuscript. Composers back in the 1800s had to get their songs down on paper using treble clefs and staff paper, but for the modern composer in the 21st century, the compositions can be almost completely emulated by computers before they are performed live by a band. One problem I find with staff paper is if you've never heard the song before, playing it you might not know exactly how hard you should press the keys, and many other nuances for other instruments, but with piano roll inside the DAWs that modern composers are using, velocity and timbre is implemented along with note start times and lengths. So while you might hear 90% of "Isolation Hibernation", realize that it is only a newer version of staff paper, a mockup, a draft, and that the final full and complete experience is inevitably in the live performance of all of these songs. Beyette songs are written for a 6 piece band, Dustin Beyette songs are written for a 12 or more piece band."