05 - Rugged
"I Gotta Do Something" is the 8th song on Dustin Beyette's 5th "completed" instrumental disc, "Rugged ". It features a distinctive sound that was created using a Yamaha DJX-II
Yamaha djx 2

The Yamaha DJX-II

, and its' built in distortion effect. "That was such a killer keyboard for being kind of a toy. I got use out of it. I actually bought it to try it out and months later tried to order the original DJX at Daddy 's on Brighton Ave but someone marked it wrong and when it came in it was the DJX-II again, and they gave me the option to take the II or get my money back, and I opted to get it again for the hell of it."


The distortion effects, like the other onboard effects supplied on the DJX's interface, were very useable according to Beyette,
I gotta do something - 2 knobs

The two knobs that controlled the effects used in "I Gotta Do Something"

"Each effect had two knobs. One, "Control", assigned to likely settings for each unique effect and the other, "Balance" controlling how much of the effect would be heard compared to the original signal. I was going to use the distortion in my software, but it just didn't sound the same so I recorded the riff directly with the exact effects settings from the DJX-II. I might, but might not, have a dry recording of this particular riff.


This song just pushes it, so full of energy that I was trying to express. Pushes everything to the max, like... man! I gotta DO something! What's weird is this song always sounds positive to me. It always has. And I remember the main hook being very dissonant, but sounding brighter and almost relaxing once the harmony kicked in at 0:29. That combined with the live drum loops on the chorus... mannnn-- for a random dude making tunes in a basement in "the wretched place that is" Sanford, Maine, I was doin it!" Like so many songs on "Rugged " and other Dustin Beyette records, "I Gotta Do Something" is intended to be performed by a live band in it's truly completed form.