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The cover associated with "Finally Here" mp3 downloads.

"Finally Here" is an unreleased EP of instrumental Dustin Beyette music that has an assortment of previously completed songs both on records and not, reconstructed in a way that sounded the same structurally but using different mixes and instruments to create a higher quality sound.  The compositions are dated to be around the same era of composition as "The Other Way ", "Rugged " and "Digitally Delicious ".  And feature some new versions of songs from "Editation ".


Due to the nature of the EP not being released yet, song titles are listed below unnumbered, in alphabetical order:

Song Title Length Notes
Cheaters 1:48* Another Variation of the theme of "Le Tah"
Dangerous 1:22* An updated version of the original intro to "Editation "
I Don't Belong 3:15* An instrumental cover of an unreleased "Tooth " song
Just Relax 2:20* A gentle harp song that Dustin has long been played on keyboard but never actually sequenced into a song.
Out There 2:43* Another variation on the "Out There" theme, notable for it's loud drums and new string parts.
Red 2:16* A version of "Red " with a stuttered verse melody, similar most to the version of "Red " heard on "Editation "
Robot Love 2:26* An extremely dynamic version of "Robot Love " that purposesly gets loud at a specific point.  Structurally identical to the version heard on "Editation ".
Winter (Instrumental) 3:53*

A updated version of "Winter", while Eddie's drums are not heard in this version, the drums programmed are based on Eddie's drum performance.

Worm 3:24* A new variation of the "Worm " song that combines elements of "Worm Digga ", "Worm " and "Worm back in Ground "
  • track lengths are of the unmastered tracks.  They might deviate from the lengths presented if a remaster is published.


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