Noitatide 256x192

The cover of "Noitatide".

"Final Medley" is the 26th track of "Noitatide ". "Using some of the guitar loops that were from the same collection that were used to create "Highway", I tuned the root notes of the clean guitar strumming to fit the chord progressions of the strongest of different themes of the songs that were on "Editation " and "E Tahe V Oletah " as well. This track is meant as a wrap up to something that is unable to be wrapped up yet." After an initial introduction to the samples and loops used set the tone, the sequence goes as follows:

"The rest of it is an an ending that doesn't really end, a style that I used that I shyed away against for Beyette's "Growth ". A lot of the songs much like the subjects that they were about did not have resolve at the end. I was not good at ending songs, but I think that kind of fits in a lot of ways because they weren't technically done. I never like writing negative songs, I only initially start writing songs to capture a negative problem, and always hope to turn it around at the end much like a movie. So in a lot of ways these early versions of these songs are small episodes of what they are about, only concluding in their later versions. Both thematically and musically." In the progression of Dustin Beyette 's music, "Final Medley" was the final track on "Noitatide ", followed by a very electronic sounding disc, "Digitally Delicious ", from an entire new batch of life experiences, music theory technique and sounds.