02 - Editation

This song came in a couple different forms till it became the version that is heard on "Editation". "I don't know what it is about the verse riff that in the final track is heard as a synth phrase. It just sounds like storytelling music. Good music for a story. So I decided this would best be suited for a hip-hop style." The story describes a young boy with an unusual upbringing that causes him to dwell on his past. "I was starting to hear a lot more negative music becoming popular, and the more negative it was, the more down-to-earth it felt, like Eminem and the "8 Mile " movie... There are times where you want to be positive, but doing so almost is a fantasy escape." This song is somewhat autobiographical to Beyette's own life at the age he wrote it, with certain personal details included and others changed and added.