05 - Rugged

"Devotion" is the 24th song on "Rugged ". This song was inpsired by a love song a roommate/sublandlord at the time wrote for his girlfriend. "He was a solid guitar player with long black hair and I was watching him play a song for me that he wrote for his girl. I noticed that he played something that sounded really complex but looked easy for him to play. He was doing all the bass on the low E String and just arpeggiating what open string he'd play after the initial bass note. He probably used a custom tuning that allowed for an interesting chord progression, but I think this riff in my song is using a guitar in standard tuning or drop D." The rest of the song was built over the guitar pattern and has bass guitar, orchestrated string sounds and rock style drums. The song is supposed to sound gentle and close, and full of passion, and of the utmost devotion.