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"Decide" is the 7th song on "Change"

"Decide" is the 7th song on Beyette 's first full-length "mainstream" style experimental alternative rock album, "Change " It's the first of two instrumental tracks that are featured on the otherwise fully-vocalized songs (the albums leading up to "Change" as "Dustin Beyette " were experimental instrumentation and composition projects.)
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"in the background of this photo is the upright piano at the Barron Center in Portland, ME that I wrote track 7 on "Change" on. In the foreground is a vinyl of Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down, of which I only have the CD version of"

The song was created on a real piano while visiting with a wife at the time's grandmother at Barron Center, Portland, ME . Sometimes while visiting, Dustin would leave the room while everyone was saying their goodbyes and cut out 5-10 minutes early and sneak into the recreation room and play with the white upright piano.

One of these particular days Dustin had his laptop in his car and immediately rushed to the car after playing the newly created "Decide" piano hook and programmed it note-for-note with a similar tempo into FL Studio . "Their slogan is 'fastest way from your brain to your speakers', if that hasn't been true since very early on I would be more curious about other DAW s by now. The fact that it's pretty pro and functional on my personal laptop without anything connected to it and that same file will work when I'm at home connected to my interface and my huge studio setup."