02 - Editation
"Dangerous" was a track that originally started "Editation " as an introduction, "I believe it's actual name when it was on "Editation" was simply "Introduction" or "Intro"". Before Beyette found a solid independent distributor for his music, he had tried different avenues of distribution and assembly of the actual medium that the music could be heard on. Using Cafepress he had made a store that featured his songs on a CD as well as different t-shirts and merchandise promoting the instrumental projects. The problem Beyette ran into with CDs is there's a time limit on them if they are burned for listening on audio devices, some discs had a limit of 80, others a limit of 74, etc. Dustin has seen his instrumental projects as nearing completion once they were beyond 80 minutes. Some songs were kept, and only the very best songs remained on the final track list. Other modifications were made to songs to help the overall presentation of the album, such as trimming of longer parts and segueways from one song into another song, which would double in function as they shortened the tracks. For some reason when uploading the songs to Cafepress, "Editation " kept giving Beyette an error saying that it was too large. And so Dustin, after designing all the artwork and carefully picked out the tracklist for the Cafepress release, cut two songs, and replaced them with "placeholder tracks". The placeholder tracks were to allow each of the remaining songs to still be attached to what number they were on the disc (something that has been long important in Beyette works) while still removing two unlucky tracks. One of the cut tracks was "Dangerous", which is another name for a track that was called "Introduction" that was intended to introduce Editation to a new listener. The first track was replaced with a short ditty with bass guitar and drums with a computer speech synthesizer saying the title, ["Editate yourself"], "because the album needed some kind of introduction," and the other track that was cut being "[?]" for [reason].
Finally Here Cover 500x500
For the first time due to the format of MP3 downloadable albums, Editation can be heard in a presentation form in a way more similar to how it was intended, by using a newer updated version of "Dangerous" that can be heard on the unreleased "Finally Here" disc.