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Discs 1 and 2

Pages in this category are relating to the ongoing "Textures" project.  In 2005 Dustin started working on an instrumental album that had the same name of an abandoned album he accidentally deleted around 2001-2002 due to a windows error during a massive cut and paste operation.  Originally the idea was to create two discs that had the same songs in the same order but two different genres/moods, but over time certain themes were prevalent, but for the most part most of the songs stand out on their own without a hard/soft counterpart version.  It wasn't originally going to be a series, but the upcoming Textures - Disc 3 is continuing the name with experimental instrumental music.


The idea of the double disc is contrasting musical genres and moods, while the songs are light hearted, relaxed, melodic and gentle sounding on disc 1, they are fast, brutal, jarring and uncomfortable on disc 2.  The works were deemed completed in 2006, but were not released to the general public till 2014.  The 2014 release was identical in most ways to the 2006 completed work but was remastered for contemporary cultural expectations of the loudness wars , and uses artwork previously associated with the project mixed with new photographs and digital artwork on the case.


After Dustin moved to Los Angeles, there was a period of time where multple pianos were available to be played quite often and Dustin would be so inspired by the sounds of the pianos that he would start writing songs in a matter of minutes, often coming up with just one phrase on the fly and then hitting record and taking that phrase to different places finally ending on the root note.  This was the creation of a new genre called "unprepared piano", which has very specific rules to put the player under a lot of pressure.  All of the recordings of the improvised piano songs are being prepared to be mastered as "Textures - Disc 3 - Unprepared Piano" and are intended to be released with a second disc featuring fully planned compositions based on the same phrases covered in the improvisations.  So where disc 1 and disc 2 compared moods, genres and sonic density, disc 3 and 4 are comparing solo player improvisation to fully articulated and arranged compositions.