Overview of Beyette's editation of "Someone Tell Me" by Maine artist, Hazard.


Songs found in this category are updated and or manipulated versions of previously edited songs. The remix usually has no other motive than challenge, pure creativity and intrigue. "Some days I'll be sitting around and the remix
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The only multi-track disc that was personally given to a collaborator to be featured on the "Million-Faced Man" single. Needless to say, all of the remixes of "Million-Faced Man" have unfortunately been done by Dustin.

actually comes to me out of no where, I'll accidentally play one of my songs on a new instrument and suddenly ideas rush like a 30 foot tidal wave. My only mission then is get a pen, or get something that records or something that sequences so I can catch the good surf before it passes.


The remixes of Beyette songs are often examples of collaborations and contributions of and to others. But Dustin Beyette 's own remixes of his own songs are primarily just "editations" of an original strand. "I think of my music as organic, they are a part of my life, a part of the listeners life, but also what happens is each song also metaphorically has it's own life, like animals or people for instance. And as science shows, any living organism is made up of cells, body parts, skeletel structures, and DNA. Every single one of my songs, even the songs that sound bad have music theory the same way, and so basically the remixes are much like genetic mutations of the songs. The more complex the music theory has been applied to the original strand, the more complex the remix can get. And I guess the songs that have gotten remixed the most are like the alpha songs that have survived the evolution-like process of my musical body of work. Editation is one of my album names, and for that album has that definition, but it's always on the tip of my tongue to call my own songs editations. Especially the ones that are recreations and adaptations of other works. Little edits here and there, big edits here and there, no song really ever dies, it just gets reincarnated."