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Dubb Bangers

Pages listed in this category are relevent to Beyette's work and stories that involve Gerard Paschal, known more popularly as producer and DJ "G Dubbs"/ Dubb Bangers .  Dubbs and Beyette met through Dustin's wife at the time, Kat Stover .  They soon became roommates and often collaborated on each other's projects.  As Dustin's career direction became more studio-oriented, Gerard was in and out of Impossible Studios very often recording vocals, often times spending a whole day laying down tracks with The Infamous Kicko.  Beyette and Dubbs also collaborated together on a lot of songs where they would be playing different instrumental parts over a beat.  Gerard is one of those producers who plays instruments as well as ensuring the highest quality mix and vocal performance.  He is also a talented MC and singer.

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