Both discs (transparent)

Discs 1 and 2 of "Textures" available to the public for the first time

Pages in this category are describing the rush of remasters released in 2014 of Dustin's first 7 Instrumental works (IE, all projects labeled with Dustin Beyette rather than Beyette ).  The releases aren't following any particular order, they aren't being released in the order they were completed, or in the reverse order that they were completed, but rather in no specific order.  To date the only remasters released so far are both of the first two discs from "Textures " and "Digitally Delicious ".  The next remaster to be released is "Editation "


Front mockup

the 2014 remaster of "Digitally Delicious"

Aside from the physical nature of finally being available on a publicized publicly available disc product, and being able to publicly preview and stream and download and buy on bandcamp and Google Play Music , the songs on each of these remasters are mastered in a way that they sound "clearer and louder" and are more consistant in overall volume.  Another addition is that the songs flow in a mostly endless chain of sequences where the overal album is heard as one project as opposed to catering to the "single-song" mentality.  The intro to a lot of tracks is heard on the CD on the track before it so that during song-searching the initial motivating part of a song is much closer to the start of the track and that the long intro is preserved during the experience of the entire album.  Some of the seques are new, some of them were planned right from the beginning such as the mutlple segues in discs 1 and 2 of "Textures ".


IMG 20140311 141057

Statement on the inside package of Textures - Disc 2, "Soft"

It has not been indicated anywhere that these are the final versions of these works.  Dustin has repeatedly said that "Textures " in particular will be re-recorded with a full orchestra in the future and that a new version of discs 1 and 2 would be fully acousticly recorded rather than sequenced completely in software.  Those recordings would be mastered to contempory culture's progress in the "Loudness Wars " as well.  While albums like "Digitally Delicious " are more electronic oriented, the same acousticly recorded fashion would be repeated on the rest of the albums, such as "Rugged " sounding more like a real rock band and perhaps even including the more electronic "Digitally Delicious "


All the dates of the original completion and remasters release
Album Approximate Completion Date Remaster Release Date
E Tahe V Oletah Jan 14, 2003 E Tahe V Oletah (2014 Remaster) May 15, 2014
Editation Dec 30, 2003 Editation (2014 Remaster) Jan 14, 2015
Noitatide July 27, 2004 Noitatide (2015 Remaster) Jan 21, 2015
Digitally Delicious Nov 29, 2005 Digitally Delicious (2014 Remaster) Apr 23, 2014
Rugged Dec 27, 2005 Rugged (2014 Remaster) Sep 3, 2014
Textures - Disc 1 - Soft Dec 19, 2006 Textures - Disc 1 - Soft (2014 Remaster) Feb 25, 2014
Textures - Disc 2 - Hard Dec 19, 2006 Textures - Disc 2 - Hard (2014 Remaster) Feb 25, 2014