Beyette beats
"Beyette Beats", oftentimes stylized "BEYETTE Beats" is a pet project of Dustin Beyette touching on the contemporary 21st century styles of songs that are in the urban hip hop, electro, rap and r&b genres. Compositions are edited, composed for or sampled from previous instrumental works into new creations that are tailored for the use of being a musical backdrop for guest MCs and singers. Songs are either leased in their reincarnated forms, as is or personally recorded by the composer in his own personal recording studio, Impossible Studios. BEYETTE Beats is the hip-hop reincarnation of "Dustin Beyette ", the compositional instrumentation project. The process of recreating songs and shape shifting them and evolving them into genre-specific music has been repeated many times with great creative success, and also providing the creative, personal,
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Recording over BEYETTE Beats @ Impossible Studios.

authentic, legal and financial benefits of sampling from the composers previous work instead of the producer or client having to pay
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New freshness from new musical recipes of familiar ingredients

royalties from an alternative method that involves the sampling of other artists. The integrity of the original song/composition that is sampled is ensured by the same person that wrote the previous work so in some ways the new creations can be seen as the offspring of morphing the old (music) with the new (MCs). There's a lot of material that has been produced, but nothing that has been released with the exception of songs that are available for streaming on BEYETTE Beats' myspace page .