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Dustin Beyette has written and composed several albums since 2003. They span the influences, sounds, moods, and mindsets of many musical genres all while being mostly instrumental in nature. The central theme of each album is often initially difficult to grasp for most but can be understood with a relaxed interpretation of musical genres and by reading and taking in the stories that are behind each song.

  1. E Tahe V Oletah
  2. Editation
  3. Noitatide
  4. Digitally Delicious
  5. Rugged
  6. Textures (Soft/Hard) (2 Disc)


After completing the double-disc "Textures ", Beyette continued on to a different project that could be seen as more accessible in format in contrast to the purely instrumental compositions, with vocals performed on all but two tracks and a continuation of musical moods and textures but written to accentuate and accompany the messages and feelings of the written word of the lyrics. The first album under the shortened "Beyette " project name was 2008's "Change " and continued the sounds and motivations of Beyette onto a different format.

  1. Million-Faced Man
  2. Change
Overview of Dustin Beyette Projects and Albums
1 2003 E Tahe V Oletah
01 - E Tahe V Oletah
2 2003 Editation
02 - Editation
3 2004 Noitatide
Noitatide 256x192
4 2005 Digitally Delicious
04 - Digitally Delicious
5 2005 Rugged
05 - Rugged
6 2006

Textures (Soft/Hard) (2 Disc)

06 - Textures Hard
Overview of released Beyette projects
1 2009 Million-Faced Man
Million-Faced Man 632x632
2 2009 Change
Change cover

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