02 - Editation

"Aardvark Candy" is the 2nd song on "Editation"

"Aardvark Candy" is the second song on "Editation ", after many different versions were completed and remixed, the final digital example of the composition that's heard on "Editation " simply evoked a scene of many ants being eaten by an aardvark.

"I started regularly getting these british magazines that covered everything to do with making music on computers, including articles about FL Studio back when it was called "Fruity Loops", something I wasn't used to when I made music with other software . I started using VST plugins and started using royalty-free sample packs for instruments that I couldn't record.

For the most part, the biggest absense of the music I was making back then was the sound of real rock drums. The drum loop was loaded into Fruity Slicer and looped as it was. This entire song is actually what happens with a lot of songs, I heard the drum loop, and just kept it going, built the entire rest of the song around the attitude of the drum loop, I remember it was "105_Bedroom Classic.wav" or something very close to that, the number in the filename was a reference to the tempo.

Naming instrumentals has always been hard , never got truly easy, even these days, people's minds wander when they hear stuff and make associations, I try to associate the song with the name in the most appropriate way. Often just a two to three word phrase about what's being visualized has been one method. For this track I pictured a music video kinda like Rammstein's "Links 2 3 4" , but the other way around. In that video a bunch of ants take over 3 giant beetles. This song I pictured an aardvark really taking over a bunch of ants."